Outpatient Physiotherapeutic Services

Provides physiotherapeutic care to preterm babies, children with the central coordination disorder, various neurological diseases, postural dysfunctions (like poor posture, scoliosis), muscular dystrophy, post-traumatic conditions and other cases as per the indication of specialist doctors.

The facility has concluded contracts regarding physiotherapy with health insurance companies.

Physiotherapy is carried out using:

  • Vojta Reflexlocomotion Method
  • Soft tissue technique
  • Sensorimotor exercises on balancing surfaces and physioballs
  • Exercises with overballs
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Physical therapies – whirlpool bath, underwater massage, paraffin bath

Physiotherapy is provided

at U Dětského domova 269, Olomouc by

MUDr. Lucie Špičková, attested doctor in the field of physiotherapy and physical medicine
   tel.: 585 731 230, e-mail: spickovadc-ostruvek.cz
Bc. Silvie Huňková, physiotherapist
   tel.: (+420) 585 731 230 e-mail: hunkovadc-ostruvek.cz
Mgr. Zuzana Balharová, physiotherapist
   tel. (+420) 585 731 217 e-mail: balharovadc-ostruvek.cz

at Mošnerova 1, Olomouc by:

Bc. Eva Novotná, physiotherapist
   tel.: (+420) 585 438 417 e-mail: novotnadc-ostruvek.cz
Bc. Veronika Veselá, physiotherapist
   tel. (+420) 585 438 417, e-mail: veseladc-ostruvek.cz

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