Other services

Social Consultancy

We provide social-legal services, consultancy and support to biological families as well as persons interested in surrogate family care.

  • Comprehensive assistance in resolving adverse social situations
  • Provision of cooperation and contact with follow-up organisations

Consultancy is provided by:
Mgr. Štěpánka Stachová, social worker,
   tel. (+420) 585 731 232, e-mail: stachovadc-ostruvek.cz
Naďa Piechulová, health and social worker,
   tel. (+420) 585 731 232, e-mail: piechulovadc-ostruvek.cz

Respite Stays

We provide comprehensive care of children based on an agreement with biological or foster parents.

Education and training

To parents, we provide a possibility of training in child care, in nursing children with specific needs and in physiotherapy including accommodation.


We provide accommodation to pregnant women before secrete birth and to adoptive and foster parents during the preparation for referring the child to their care.

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